Sorella History

How It Started

The Sisters Sorella was first developed as a live theatrical event produced by No Name Players Theatre Episode 3.AudienceCo. in Pittsburgh, PA. It was performed once a month, with a new episode premiering every month, running from January thru December 2015. These productions also included live and pre-recorded commercial breaks. 

What’s The Sisters Sorella about?

The Sisters Sorella is a story about family, about sisters, loosely taken from the stories and Italian heritage of series creator Tressa Glover. It tells the story of three off-beat Italian-American sisters who must navigate the obstacles of a reunited family. It is an exploration of the enduring, if at times unspoken, bond between family with a unique blend of humor and heart.

What is No Name Players?

No Name Players Theatre Co. is a 501 (c)3 organization founded in 2000 by Don DiGiulio when he was a student at Marshall University. Don’s goal was to foster a creative outlet for himself and his fellow classmates to hone the skills they were establishing in the classroom setting and to create additional non-collegiate performance opportunities.

In  2004, No Name Players began producing plays and multi-disciplinary events in Pittsburgh, PA. Thus far, No Name Players has produced more than a dozen World premieres, 1 American premiere, and 12 Pittsburgh premieres. The Sisters Sorella is No Name’s first venture into the sitcom/web series world.


*Photo credit: Luke Bruehlman